April is Autism Awareness Month

Salon Oasis and Day Spa supports Autism Awareness Month. We’re lighting it up blue to show our support for this important cause.

Stop in to make an appointment for any service and make a donation to Autism Awareness – and we’ll treat you to a special upgrade on your service.

Did you know?
Autism has been on the rise for the last few decades, increasing 10% to 17% in recent years. It’s now showing up in one of every 88 children in the United States – 1 out of every 54 boys and 1 out of 252 girls. That’s more children than those affected by most other childhood diseases combined.

You can show your support by making a donation or wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon. You can also check out organizations like Autism Speaks or the Autism Society to learn more about autism and find out how you can help.

Join Salon Oasis and Day Spa in showing your support for this important cause. Thank you for your help!